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Review of EU cartel prosecutions 2010-19

This Casenote summarizes the result of a quantitative study of the European Commission’s cartel enforcement activities over the decade from 2010 to 2019. The data used are the published prohibition...


Practice Areas


Our economists assist companies and those harmed with economic and empirical analyses in cases where there has been an abuse of dominance, restrictive agreement and state aid. We marshal the data and evidence, and provide rigorous economic analysis in support of our client's case.


Our economists frequently act as expert witnesses in courts on behalf of claimants and defendants in antitrust, regulation and commercial litigation. We are expert in quantifying damages in commercial cases and standalone and follow-on competition law damage actions using the latest economic, financial and econometric analyses.


We assist those involved in or opposing a merger or joint venture during the clearance process by the European Commission and/or national competition authorities with pre-notification advice through to comprehensive economic analyses and expert reports in full Phase II investigations and appeals.


We assist firms who are accused of participating in, or those harmed by, a cartel which has fixed prices, rigged bids restricted production and/or shared markets before the European Commission, national competition authorities and the courts.

Class Actions

Our economists have experience in group and collective actions following their introduction in the UK and Europe. We are experts in managing large quantities of data, and undertaking the economic and empirical analyses required to bring or defend against a class or collective action.


We have considerable experience in preparing submissions/ reports to regulators and government bodies/ministries as part of consultations or formal investigations. We span a wide range of industries including the communications, transport, financial, retail and energy sectors; and topics such as access terms, prices, margin squeezes and foreclosure.


in The Cambridge Handbook of Competition Law Sanctions


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