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CASE economists have advised on mergers, competition investigations and regulatory disputes in the transport sector. These assignments have included airline and shipping mergers, and regulatory and competition issues arising in shipping, trucking, airports, airlines, air freight and railways sectors.

CASE has undertaken assignments for airlines, airports and shipping companies in competition proceedings ranging from abuse of dominance, mergers and alleged price fixing arrangements.

We have advised airports, airlines and regulators on, SMP designation, airport charges, price caps , and other price reviews (such as for NATs), and regulatory design and remedies in the UK, Europe, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region.

CASE economists have undertaken assignment on the design of schemes for the privatisation of railways and airports, landing slots , carbon emission and environmental controls such as on aircraft noise levels.

CASE economists have advised regulators, government bodies and/or commissions/Parliamentary Committee in Ireland, Australia, the UK, South Africa, Norway, Austria and the Netherlands, and.  We have also assisted in  in bilateral negotiations between sovereign states and arbitrations over landing charges and terminal allocation

Recent assignments include:

  • market definition in air cargo cartel prosecutions
  • competition issues in Asian air cargo markets
  • market study of airports for SMP designation
  • advice on purchase of airport
  • airport price cap reviews
  • NATs price control review
  • advice in inquiries on airport expansion and investment
  • economic assessment of IATA interline agreement
  • competitive assessment of shipping sector
  • competitive analysis for airline mergers
  • abuse of dominance
  • sector inquiry into coastal ferry fares
  • airport privatisation
  • railway privatisation
  • competitive analysis of holiday cruises
  • carbon emission schemes
  • slot trading scheme
  • valuation of landing slots
  • airport landing charges
  • economics of airline alliances
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