The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has removed regulation of passenger services ending 25 years’ regulation of the Stansted airport. The CCA’s decision represent a 180 degree turn from its provisional decision published in 2013. Case assisted the Manchester Airport Group (MAG) which owns Stansted in responding to the CAA’s consultations on whether Stansted airport had significant market power (SMP) under the Civil Aviation Act 2012.  MAG’s Response and Case’s report written by Cento Veljanovski can be found on the CAA’s website.  David Starkie, Snr Consultant with Case, co-authored a separate report on the CAA’s SMP assessment.  Also see our June Casenote UK Airport Regulation – Prepare for a rough landing for a discussion of the main issues confronting the CAA’s assessment of competitive conditions affecting the “London” airports. 

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