Mobile, fixed, broadband, satellite, cable, internet, virtual mobile network operators, computer operating systems, computer maintenance, internet service provision, postal services.

Generation, transmission, distribution and retail supply in electricity and gas markets, wholesale trading and balancing, real and virtual capacity auctions, administered contracts, contracts for differences, other power purchase agreements.

Retail banks, mortgages, financial advisory services, funds management, credit cards, direct debits, credit transfers, retail payments networks and settlement systems, stock exchanges, post-trading services, ATMs.

Air, road, rail, shipping, airports, ports, ferries, air freight.

Media & Sport
Television, radio, newspapers, programming, advertising, pay TV, free to air TV, mobile content, internet content, music publishing and recording, new content, games consoles, sport programme rights, rugby union, football, snooker, horse racing, lotteries.

Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals
Vitamins, generic drugs, pharmaceutical data bases, paint, plastics.

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