Crowding out of commercial radio by the BBC

August 2018

Case assessed whether a BBC radio service used licences fee payers’ funds to put similar commercial services at a competitive disadvantage. The BBC has its own competition regime focused on whether its activities ‘crowd out’ commercial services.  The report finds sufficient evidence that this has occurred for Ofcom, the communications regulator, to launch a Broadcasting Competition Review (BCR).

Impact of cigarette health warnings in SE Asia

July 2018

Case completed an empirical study the impact of large pictorial health warnings on cigarette packs in Malaysia and Thailand.  Using panel regression and timeseries analyses it finds no statistical evidence that these packaging regulations reduced cigarette sales in either country.

Electronics cartel damages settled

June 2018

A claim for overcharge damages was successfully settled through mediation against a member of an electronics cartel operating within the EU.  Case undertook an econometric estimate of the overcharges for a range of products, and estimated damages plus interest for the 40 plus indirect purchasers. 

Impact of health warnings on cigarette packaging in Brazil and Mexico

March 2018

Case completed a study to determine whether large pictorial health warnings on cigarette packs in Brazil and Mexico reduced cigarette sales.  The study used panel regression analysis of point of sales data. It failed to find any statistically significant reduction in cigarette sales associated with these health warnings in either country.

Landmark UK collective action against MasterCard

April 2017

Cento Veljanovski was expert in the landmark consumer collective action Walter Merricks v. MasterCard.   The collective proceedings order (CPO) hearing before the Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) was only the second under the Consumer Rights Act 2015.  Merricks is the biggest damage claim in UK legal history made on behalf of over 42 million individuals claiming damages of £14 billion (US$18.2 billion). This is a follow-on action arising from the European Commission’s MasterCard decision of 2007 which found that MasterCard had set excessive default interchange fees.  The CAT refused certification, and the class representative has appealed and sought judicial review which will be heard in October 2018. 

Impact of plain packaging of cigarettes in Turkey

January 2017

Case completed a study on the prospective impact of the introduction of plain packaging regulation in Turkey.  The study forecast the likely effects of plain packing on cigarette sales, tax revenues and counterfeit cigarette activity.

June 2016

Case assisted a claimant with a preliminary quantification of overcharge damages in a follow-on action against a member of the EU Polyurethane Foam cartel (COMP AT. 39.83).

Case successfully assists UK independent TV programme producers

June 2016

Case’s report Competitive Assessment of the Independent Programme Sector commissioned by Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television (Pact) was submitted to Ofcom’s review of the Terms of Trade (ToT) for commissioning of independent TV programmes.  Case found that the UK TV programme production market was not effectively competitive and dominated by the three public service broadcasters (PSBs).  It concluded that the ToT should remain to offset the market power of the PSBs.  The UK Government agreed with the Case’s conclusions by retaining the ToT but also required the BBC open-up its TV programme commissioning to independent producers.  This was a significant result for the client, well beyond its expectations. 

Bank’s “debanking” of MTOs in New Zealand

June 2016

Cento Veljanovski acted as expert in the New Zealand High Court for a money transfer organisation (MTO) threaten with the closure of its account by Kiwibank as part of its “derisking” in response to anti-money laundering regulations (the AML/CFT Act).  Cento participated in a hot tub giving evidence that the actions of the banks in closing MTO accounts had the “effect” of substantially lessening competition (SLC) under section 27(2) of the Commerce Act 1986. While the court (E-Trans v. Kiwibank) accepted his evidence, it concluded that legally it could only consider the closure of the one bank account, and not the other 100 closed being closed by Kiwibank, and therefore the defendant’s action did not SLC.

Prime broker market

June 2016

Case provided an assessment of whether a prime broker’s action to terminate a hedge fund’s account was an abuse of dominance. 

Margin squeeze in rail ticketing

June 2016

Case undertook an economic assessment of whether UK train operators had engaged in an illegal margin squeeze through the commission rates they set for advance ticket sales to third party online ticketing agents.

Challenge to Lithuanian Competition Council’s Art 101 decision

May 2015

Cento Veljanovski filed an expert report on behalf of G4S in support of an action challenging the Lithuanian Competition Council’s Resolution that G4S had infringed Article 101(1) in the Vilnius Regional Administrative Court, and in a follow-on damage claim in the Vilnius County Court.

Case assists airline in predation case

July 2014

Case assisted the owners of a Lithuanian airline, represented by Motieka & Audzevicius by providing independent estimates of damages caused by another airlines predatory conduct in proceedings before the Vilnius District Court.

MVNO access price controls in Oman

July 2014

Case assisted Connect Arabi/“FRiENDi mobile”, part of the Virgin Mobile Group, to  respond to the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) consultations on proposed new access terms and price regulation for Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) in Oman.

Irish GPs in High Court

June 2014

Case assisted the Irish Medical Organization (IMO), represent by O’Connor (Dublin), who was prosecution by the Irish Competition Authority for an alleged a breach of Art 101.  Dr Cento Veljanovski filed an expert report which examined the operation of the Irish medical services market and the General Medical Services (GMS) scheme.  The case settled after the first week of proceedings in the High Court (Dublin) with the Competition Authority removing its ban on the IMO and Health Minister discussing GP fees, which was the underlying cause of the dispute.

Brunei communications licence fees

June 2014

Case in collaboration with Rajah & Tann (Singapore) advised  Brunei’s communications regulator (AiTi) on fees for the new converged communications licenses.

Stansted airport cargo services escape regulation

May 2014

The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) removed its regulation of passenger services at Stansted airport and also found that the airport operator did not have Significant Market Power (SMP) in the supply of air freight services. Case worked with Hogan Lovells on submissions for the Manchester Airport Group (the owners of Stansted airport) to the CAA which ended 25 years of the regulation of passenger services at Stansted.

Judicial review of LME warehouse contract changes

April 2014

Dr Veljanovski was expert for the London Metal Exchange (LME) as part of its defence to a judicial review action launched by Rusal (the world’s largest aluminum producer) challenging the LME’s changes to metal warehouse contract terms designed to reduce the massive backlog of metal deliveries from LME authorized warehouses. Judgment was given against the LME but later reversed on appeal.

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