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Promotion of competition and integration of energy markets is at the forefront of the European Community and national governments. This has led to the liberalisation of wholesale and retail markets, and the regulation of transmission and distribution operators.

CASE is are well placed to assist companies and their lawyers in responding to market and regulatory investigations, as part of merger proceedings, and in damages analysis in the energy sector.

CASE economists has gained extensive understanding of the energy sector through its experience of working with companies and regulators on all aspects of its market structure, competition and regulation.

CASE has advised clients on network regulation and pricing, merger investigations, regulatory disputes and damages litigation.

CASE has undertaken assignments in the energy sector throughout Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. Our past clients include wholesalers, traders, distributors, market operators and retail suppliers.

Recent assignments include:

  • analysis of market power and competition in energy mergers
  • evaluation of remedies packages in energy mergers
  • regulatory reform of electricity and gas sectors
  • assessment of wholesale and retail competition in gas and electricity markets
  • network access and abuse of dominance allegations
  • wholesale market power mitigation measures in electricity markets;
  • determination of regulated revenues and price controls for electric and gas network tariffs
  • wholesale market design, trading and balancing arrangements
  • business unbundling and establishment of transmission system operators
  • benchmarking energy companies’ costs
  • contract and regulatory disputes in gas and electricity markets
  • virtual capacity release in gas and electricity markets
  • regulatory due diligence in privatisation transactions
  • damages assessment in regulatory contract disputes
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