Case submitted its report Competitive Assessment of the Independent Programme Sector commissioned by Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television (Pact) to the Ofcom’s review of the current regulation of independent TV programme production and associated Terms of Trade (ToT) governing the commissioning of independent TV programmes.  Case found that the UK TV programme production market was not effectively competitive and dominated by the three public services broadcasters.  It concluded that the ToT should remain as otherwise the independent programme production sector would face the unrestrained market power of the PSBs with the consequence that programme fees would fall, more rights would be retained by broadcasters, and the independent programme production sector would shrink.  At the end of April 2016 the UK Government announced it would not abolish or alter the ToT, and more surprisingly that the BBC would be required to open up its TV programme commissioning to the market.  This was a significant result for the client, well beyond its expectations; and a major boost for the UK independent programme production sector. 

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