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New from Oxford University Press

A groundbreaking practical guide for lawyers, judges, and economists to a rapidly emerging area of law – cartel damages

Undertakes an extensive survey and synthesis of the literature on the economics and measurement of cartel damages

Provides an integrated treatment of the applicable law and the ‘pragmatic approach’ to the quantification of damages of competition law damages

The law and methods of quantifying damages are explained using the judgments in decided cases, and practical examples drawn from expert reports and academic research.

Introduction to my Cartel Damages book



Short commentaries on recent developments

European cartel fines in 2020

Enforcement activity and fines were substantially lower than in previous years. The European Commission completed two investigations comprising three cartel infringements. Aggregate fines of €279 million were imposed. Without leniency...

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Algorithmic Antitrust

This paper provides an overview of recent developments in algorithmic antitrust, and the economics and legal issues raised in the areas of abuse of dominance, algorithmic pricing and collusion, and...

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Pricing Algorithms as Collusive Device

This paper undertakes a critical review of the prospect that self-learning pricing algorithms will lead to widespread collusion independently of the intervention and participation of humans. There is no concrete...

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Damages for bid rigging

BritNed v. ABB [2018] EWHC 2616 (Ch) is the first English cartel damages judgment, and the first to consider margin, cost and econometric approaches to the quantification of damages. The judgment...

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European cartel fines in 2019

Case’s Annual Review: January 2020 European cartel fines in 2019 Summary The European Commission completed three investigations comprising five cartel infringements.  Aggregate fines of €1,469 million were imposed after leniency...

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